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Fluid Selection Guide

You need Pierce oil based fluids. Here’s why:

Controlled embalming fluid

From the beginning our goal has been to design a fluid that was different than all the other embalming fluids on the market. After years of research and testing, William H. “Bill” Pierce, L.G. “Darko” Fredrick and chemist Harvey Milner perfected the emulsion process and developed our oil-based line of fluids which offer controlled firming of the tissue.

Many attempts have been made by competitors to mimic the formulation process, but none have been able to duplicate it. If you are looking for an embalming fluid that imparts a natural color, look and feel with controlled firming action then you owe it to the families you serve to explore Pierce fluids.

What’s different about Pierce fluids?

  • Lifelike feel – unlike other fluids
  • Does not dehydrate – unlike other fluids
  • Color does not fade – unlike other fluids

Prefer a FAST FIRMING fluid?
Then you will want Pierce non-oil based fluids

Firming Embalming Fluid

If you prefer a fast firming fluid with color that remains in the tissue then you owe it to yourself to try one of our non-oil based fluids.

We understand that every embalmer has their preferred firming action so whether you like controlled firming (oil based) or fast firming (non-oil based) we have the fluid you need.

In 1990, Pierce Chemical acquired Royal Bond Chemical Company in St. Louis, MO. That was an exciting time because not only was it the place that Mr. Pierce started his career in the 1930’s it also brought some new formulas to our product line.