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Safety Data Sheets


In the event of an emergency, please contact Chemtrec.

According to OSHA Regulations, the role of the Safety Data Sheet is to provide users detailed information on each hazardous chemical, including hazardous effects, its physical and chemical characteristics, and recommended precautions as outlined in the SDS and depicted by pictograms on each product.

Below you will find Safety Data Sheets for Pierce Chemical products.

A-OK SDS PW0101200

Blendor Suntan Dye SDS PW0460400

Blendor Suntan Dye Spanish SDS PW0460402

Bronzetone Dye SDS PW0402700

Care 18 SDS PW0103300

Care 25 SDS PW0103400

Chlorasan SDS PW0418500

Core Cavity 27 SDS PW0103700

Cosmo Dye SDS PW0400000

Dry Hair Cleaner SDS PW0410500

Energized 36 SDS PW0105500

Fastex SDS PW0106200

Firmoyl SDS PW0106400

Fix Cavity SDS PW0134000

Glow Tint All Colors SDS PW0447600

Jaundibalm SDS PW0110200

Liquid Tissue SDS PW0470400

Liquid Tissue SDS PW0470401

Liquid Tissue SDS PW0470402

Liquid Tissue Solvent SDS PW0471000

Manhattan Arterial 32 SDS PW0140000

Manhattan Cavity 27 SDS PW0140100

Mortisan SDS PW0415400

Natural Dye SDS PW0400900

NXT 20 Cavity SDS PW0114700

NXT 30 Arterial SDS PW0114300

Pentron Cavity SDS PW0116000

Petricel Cavity SDS PW0141400

Plastick SDS PW0464800

Postene Autopsy Chemical SDS PW0462100

Postene Gel SDS PW0462000

Postene Gel Ultra SDS PW0462001

Powerpakt Cavity SDS PW0142600

Powertone 36 SDS PW0142700

Powertone 36 Spanish SDS PW0142702

Powertone Vivid Cosmetic 36 SDS PW0143100

Restoratone Moisture Retainer SDS PW0118500

Safe Embalming Powder SDS PW0460800

Safe Embalming Powder SDS PW0460801

Safe Embalming Powder SDS PW0460802

Safe Embalming Powder SDS PW0460803

SaniSpray SDS PW0417000

Searene SDS PW0463600

Solvex Thinner SDS PW0434500

Texture Cream SDS PW0430500

Traumacare 30 Arterial SDS PW0120000

Triton 28 SDS PW0120500

Triton Ultra Arterial SDS PW0121500

Tru Seal SDS PW0422200

Vitahue Dye SDS PW0401900

VX SDS PW0122200

X-Tone SDS PW0406900

Xcel SDS PW0124200