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NecroMetics NecroPAX Sealing Base 2 OZ



Available in LIGHT or DARK NecroPAX™ can completely cover any discoloration and will NOT rub off! NecroPAX is NOT a "standard" cosmetic foundation but a special opaque restoration base that conceals ANY discoloration, seals, and, when properly applied, will NOT rub off. NecroPAX™ can block discolorations, abrasions, tattoos, etc. as it seals. No neutralizers, correctors, or additional concealers needed. Apply regular NecroPAX with a cosmetic wedge sponge in very light coats. Easily blend edges by feathering. Allow to dry between coats. A hairdryer set on the COOL setting will speed drying. Three to four very light coats will cover any discoloration while not looking "caked on". NecroPAX™ is used mainly as a full coverage sealing base, acting as a "second skin". Any type of makeup; airbrush, water based, or alcohol based, etc. can be applied over NecroPAX™ to "fine tune" the foundation color. Be sure to lightly powder with a no color powder when finished to remove any tackiness.